Tiger Woods: Prodigy



Tim Nelson
Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods is one of the most successful golfers on the planet. His youth, good looks and tenacity have earned him a position as golf?s most marketable asset, and he single-handedly brought golf to the masses. Wood?s talent began to show at an astonishingly early age, and his parents clearly had lofty ambitions for their son when they put a golf club put in his hand at the tender age of three. He managed to not only reach those heights but exceed them, and has transformed golf into a mainstream sport in the United States. The sport that used to be dominated by the white upper classes?and was once described by Mark Twain as ?a good walk spoiled??has become a pastime for people of all ages, races and socio-economic backgrounds, most proclaiming to have been inspired to take up the clubs by the feats of this great champion.
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