Tin Soldiers

The diary shows a military service that more reminds of a holiday in the sun with parties and drinking, a Norwegian version of M*A*S*H. But soon the gravity picks up and the laughter get's stuck in the soldiers' throats.

On the 8th of April, the Israeli army bombs the nearby Fiji headquarters, a UN camp that hosts more than 500 Palestinian refugees. Close by, the Norwegian soldiers witness it all. They are sent out on a rescue operation, to find survivers among all the dead. Afterwards the Israelian army claims the bombing was a accident, but Gunnar Brandsdal's video recording shows something else.

In Tin Soldiers we meet three Norwegian soldiers who were serving in the UN forces in Lebanon when the bombing occured. They feel the incident is about to be forgotten, without anyone being charged for the bombing. Tin Soldiers won Best International Documentary Award at the Beirut Intl Film Festival and the AVID Award for Best Editing at 2005 Documenta Madrid.

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