Trade Routes



Jim Loftus
William HopeAlice PattenKosta TsonevRoss McCallMarina SirtisGeorge Zlatarev
With intertwining stories of post-Cold War espionage, this political thriller takes an unvarnished look at contemporary international politics and American foreign policy. Set against the backdrop of a national election in a formerly-Communist Eastern European country, TRADE ROUTES charts the paths of five characters: an aging CIA officer banished for connections to rendition and torture; a young economic advisor on a tough assignment at the U.S. Bulgarian embassy; an ambitious Chief of Staff working for the Bulgarian Prime Minister; an American political consultant hired to be an election "fixer"; and a retired member of the Bulgarian Communist State Police. Their destinies intertwine in the weeks leading up to this critical event in a fledgling democracy, exposing the human costs of political power-brokering through the secret exchanges between nations.
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