Train to Stockholm

69mins | 2011 | ForeignPG13


J. Erik Reese
Anya Tkachenco, Sonja Ghaderi, Mikael Ayele, Anders Hrbo
For the first time in his life, twenty year-old half Swede Jonas is back in his birthplace to begin a year-long exchange program at the historic University of Uppsala. Fluent in the native tongue, Jonas is certain that here, in a city notorious for the vibrant mix of international students, he will finally find acceptance.

Things appear in his favor when he meets Em, a young woman who he 'charms' into accompanying him on several uniquely romantic adventures. But amidst clashing cultures, deceitful intentions and life-threatening encounters, Jonas is faced with the reality of being an outsider in his own country and must struggle to maintain his youthful optimism. And when Em reveals a painful truth, Jonas is forced to make a choice that ultimately brings upon a new understanding of life in a way he never could have foreseen.

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