Troublesome Creek: A Midwestern



Steven AscherJeanne Jordan
Mary Jane JordanRussel JordanJon JordanJeanne JordanJim Jordan
Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, TROUBLESOME CREEK: A MIDWESTERN was nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the 1996 Academy Awards. Russel Jordan's Iowa farm had been in the family for 125 years. It had survived the dust bowl, the Depression, two world wars and the turbulent 1980s. But in 1990, after a disastrous meeting with the bank, Russ saw their luck running out: the Jordan's owed the bank $220,000 - money they didn't have. He called his daughter Jeanne in Boston to tell her the news, and to talk about his long-shot plan to try to save the land. Jeanne and her husband Steven Ascher are an award-winning filmmaking team. In the days after Russ's call, Ascher and Jordan decided that this story?which seemed straight out of one Russ's beloved Westerns?had to be captured on film.
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