85mins2011Arts and CultureTVPG
Saratoga BallantineDea Lawrence
Carl BallantineKaye BallardIvy BethunePat CarrollBetty GarrettHarold GouldJustine JohnstonMarvin KaplanJane KeanBruce KirbyAllan RichConnie Sawyer
What's the craziest career choice anyone can make and spend over 60 years pursuing? TROUPERS profiles octogenarian Hollywood actors who give new meaning to the phrase "hang in there." Meet twelve talented, successful people who beat the odds, followed their dream and still worked well into their 80s and 90s. The film takes a humorous look at how this fearless group survived parental disapproval, the Back List, poverty, divorce, rejection, disappointment, emotional issues, the Great Depression, bad acting coaches, nasty casting directors, and decades of auditions to do what they wanted to do: Act. Why stop doing what you love to do? Age has nothing to do with it. Featured are Carl Ballantine (McHale's Navy), Betty Garret (Laverne and Shirley)  Justine Johnston (Seinfeld),  Harold Gould (The Sting),  Bruce Kirby (Crash), Connie Sawyer (Pineapple Express), Ivy Bethune (Get Smart) Allan Rich (Serpico), Marvin Kaplan (Alice), Jane King (The Honeymooners), Pat Carroll (The Little Mermaid), and Kaye Ballard (Mother-in-Laws).
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