U2: A Rock Crusade

Christine Rogers
Adam ClaytonBob GeldofRay RomanoLarry Mullen Jr.BonoThe Edge
This is the epic story of how 170 million album sales and more Grammys than any other group in history has made U2 Ireland?s most famous export?as well as one of the biggest bands in the world. Having kept the same lineup from when they first formed in 1976, the four band members?Paul Hewson (Bono), Larry Mullins Jr, Dave Evans (The Edge) and Adam Clayton?are as close to one another as family. But part of what makes U2 so special is that the band is almost as well known for their philanthropy and charity work as they are for their music. Lead singer Bono has made a name for himself as a tireless worker for social and economic change in Third World Countries, and U2: A ROCK CRUSADE is the story of the band?s never-ending energy, drive and commitment to social causes. It?s the story of a charismatic showman?s efforts to extend his influence into politics, in order to affect change for the people who need it most?the poor and disadvantaged.
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