If nature has a crown, then these are its jewels: the Maldives. The wildlife glitters, the waters sparkle and the beaches shine. The islands are probably the most perfect place in the world for water-sports: with jet-skiing, surfing, diving and sailing all on offer in the warn waters of the Indian Ocean. With luxury hotels and private beaches providing the ultimate on relaxation, there are also more energetic activities to suit every taste. ULTIMATE JOURNEYS brings the wonders of the world to light as you've never seen them before. Presenting a third series of six stunning high definition specials that will transport you to the most extreme places on the planet. From the depths of the Great Barrier Reef, to the heights of the Canadian Rockies; the diverse wildlife of South Africa to the world famous beaches of Miami, the unforgiving Australian Outback to the spectacular coral Atolls of the Maldives.
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