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Una y Otra Vez (Over and Over Again)

Una y Otra Vez (Over and Over Again)
1:38:00 | 2012

Categories: Drama, Foreign, Romance

OVER AND OVER AGAIN tells the story of Oliveiro through the words of his wife, Carmen. Oliveiro and Carmen are immigrants in Chicago, USA. They are happily married and have four kids. One day, Oliveiro meets a classmate, Celia, and from this moment on, Oliveiro?s life and his family?s start a sad fall due to Oliveiro and Celia?s violent relationship. As time goes by, Celia demands that Oliveiro leave his family and go live with her; Oliveiro is incapable of leaving his family, but he still marries Celia in a different state, while still married to Carmen. Eventually, Carmen discovers the relationship her husband has with Celia, and Oliveiro confesses to Carmen that he might go to jail because he is married to two women at once and that is a federal crime.

Although Oliveiro tries to sustain two families at the same time, the pressure he has to handle with Celia makes him leave his first family. When he arrives to Celia?s house, she treats him so badly that Oliveiro finally reacts to the way he has been treated by Celia all along and rushes home to Carmen, accepting he needs professional help. His first wife takes him to see an expert, who finds that Oliveiro?s condition is very serious and he needs to be hospitalized for his own good. While in the hospital, Oliveiro?s condition gets worst. To make matters worse, Oliveiro receives Celia?s divorce demand and starts a legal battle for custody over their child. However, there is now not enough money for Oliveiro?s treatment, which makes him closer to Celia and their son.

Ultimately, Oliveiro's lifelong dreams make him realize his need for professional help so he goes back to therapy. His therapist takes him back in time to childhood, where we find out his early years were very violent, due to his father?s abuse. We also find out Oliveiro was sexually abused by a priest. All of this explains Oliveiro?s sick behavior, risking his family and marriage for a woman who treated him as badly as his father and the priest did during his childhood.


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