Uncle Bob



Robert Oppel
Mario BoscoDivineBea ArthurJohn Waters
On a fateful night in 1974, millions of Americans tuned in to the 46th Academy Awards?and watched in shock as an anonymous man streaked across the stage in the middle of the show. In a flash, Robert Opel became an icon, but few people know the story behind the prankster. In this fascinating documentary, Opel's nephew (also named Robert) illuminates the story of the photographer and gallery owner who lived a life of political activism?and occasional public indecency?until his murder in 1979. Featuring rare archival interviews with early gay icons including John Waters, Divine and Elizabeth Taylor, the film takes viewers back to the politically turbulent 1970s when San Francisco's nascent gay rights movement took flight. Produced by cult filmmaker Abel Ferrara, UNCLE BOB uncovers the radical life of a man who lived like he had nothing to hide.
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