94mins | 2008 | ComedyR


Jared Drake
James LeGros, Missi Pyle, Judy Greer, M�a Maestro
The Jeffers Corporation is the largest business in the history of mankind, and they got that way thanks to their strict philosophy of happiness through mindless productivity. But when workers begin literally exploding due to unhappiness and stress, Level Three TUNT George Washington Winsterhammerman (Zach Galifianakis) begins to fear that his time will come sooner rather than later. George lives a comfortable yet completely uneventful life, and when he starts having dreams in which he's the first U.S. President, his doctor informs him that they could be signs of an impending explosion. As his dreams become more frequent and his co-workers continue to detonate, George is prompted to reevaluate his mundane existence. VISIONEERS co-stars Judy Greer, Missi Pyle and James LeGros.
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