Waiting to Inhale

Waiting to Inhale
1:13:52 | 2006

Categories: Documentary, Biography, Politics, Health and Food

WAITING TO INHALE examines the heated debate surrounding marijuana and its use as medicine in the United States. As patients demand laws to protect their right to use medical marijuana, opponents claim their argument is just a smokescreen for a different agenda- to legalize the drug altogether.

How did America go from Reefer Madness mania to permitting the first clinical trials using smoked cannabis in decades? And what evidence is there that marijuana can alleviate the devastating symptoms of AIDS, cancer and multiple sclerosis? Waiting to Inhale takes the viewer from underground pot clubs to the U. S. Supreme Court; from an Israeli scientist's laboratory to massive government approved marijuana gardens outside London. The film goes inside the lives of patients who have been forever changed by illness-and parents who have lost children to drug overdoses and believe marijuana is the culprit. Above all, WAITING TO INHALE sheds new light on the controversy and presents shocking new evidence that marijuana could hold a big stake in the future of medicine.


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Alexis Castañeda
December 3, 2013
yunan yea
November 10, 2013
Lydia Nekkers
September 23, 2013
August 24, 2013
Rhett Rebold
November 8, 2012
Wow the repeat rate of the ad for symphony film is insane and having the opposite effect. I've memorized the trailer and would never see the film at this point.
Will Ehrhorn
May 10, 2012
further more while our money goes towards keeping inmates alive and paying the guards many of us do not realize that the security companies have a large stake in all of this. These same companies that pump money into the political machine to either buy support, favors etc. A large portion of which goes into the locking up of individuals for marijuana. Not saying they'd be out of business if it was legalized, but it certainly would hurt their wallets, hence many politicians refuse to look into legalization for fear of lost funds. It's an uphill battle that until we the people can match the financial backing of these corrupt individuals we will continue to lose. A sad fact.
Will Ehrhorn
May 10, 2012
you're right America take a look at California as a model, the last thing we want to do is legalize marijuana I mean seriously who would want to create a new job industry in a failing job market, tax this new DOMESTIC revenue stream thus creating a surplus which in turn would result in lower taxes universally and lower our imprisonment rate in turn save the government money to spend else where all the while improving a tourism market now that Amsterdam is in the process of only allowing marijuana to residents. On a side note Obama who said he would not only look into medicinal marijuana policy reform and legalization not only 180'ed on his opinion but appointed the same drug czar that was put into office under Bush...the same person who said "I will not listen to the presidents orders and continue my raids on California dispensaries" the sad part is the man who appointed this power tripping nut job is still the lesser of 2 evils unless you write in Ron Paul who has been working with Barney Frank to push a bill through to lesson marijuana related charges on a nation wide front...just saying.
Rory Gibbons
May 9, 2012
it's a lesson in being very carefull what sort of power you grant your 'rulers'....whether you smoke drink smoke grass or talk to animals it's none of the goverments business.......micro management of anothers life is not the American Way. Being free and living ones own life is what's American. It's not really about the morality of the issue, for it's not really a moral problem, it's a black suit goverment ninja type problem, they want to control you......and they love all the toys we buy them to screw us all better at less risk to them.