We Made This Movie

Rob Burnett
Brando C. BoniverMichael Charles RomanArjay Smith
Five graduating high school seniors with few prospects decide to film an outrageous Jackass-style movie, with hopes of getting famous and escaping their depressed hometown of Buckstown, New York. Their fearless leader and director, Eric "LeBron" James (Arjay Smith), is so confident that the film will be a blockbuster that he enlists some geeky freshmen to follow him around with video cameras to shoot a behind-the-scenes documentary. But the cameras accidentally capture glimpses of LeBron and his friends' actual lives, which are full of drama and intrigue?and the footage is much more compelling than the goofy prank comedy they set out to make. Moving and hilarious, WE MADE THIS MOVIE was directed by Rob Burnett, longtime executive producer of "The Late Show with David Letterman."
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