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Welcome To Macintosh

Welcome To Macintosh
1:22:47 | 2009

Categories: Documentary, Science and Environment, Arts and Culture

Filmmakers Josh Rizzo and Rob Baca trace the evolution of Apple computers from the Apple-1 to the iPhone in WELCOME TO MACINTOSH the documentary. They combine criticism and history with an unapologetic celebration of the company that helped revolutionize home computing.

Reviews: A- 117 Fans
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Rob Glass
October 25, 2014
Skimming over personnel and technical developments, "Welcome to MacIntosh" presents a survey of triumphs and disasters recalled by pivotal decision makers themselves
Rev. Joel
July 18, 2014
I started off watching this simply to pass the time, and because I do enjoy a documentary. I have no interest in Apple whatsoever - never have, and never will. This film actually did capture not only my interest, but my focus. Coming from a person with rather severe focus and attention problems, that's significant! Anyway, if you like documentary films, or have some interest in Apple or something ... give it a shot, eh?