Whales in Crisis

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Categories: Documentary
56:34 | 2006
Few creatures are as mysterious and captivating as the whale. Embark on a globe-spanning journey with National Geographic to discover the most recent findings about these majestic, highly intelligent creatures. After hunting whales for generations, we have brought their widespread slaughter to an end, but these graceful giants still face threats on a number of fronts and the battle to save them goes on. It's a gripping, sometimes emotional voyage to the front lines of research as a new breed of champions' battles to understand and preserve these spectacular giants of the sea.


Topics: Water, Ocean, Animals, Marine Life, Journey, Adventure, Nature, Whale
Reviews: A+ 65 Fans
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Tim Jacobs
Tim Jacobs
October 18, 2011
Looks like the ENVIROMAGETS are at it agin. Feed the SHEEPLE an immediate urgency about the survival of whales, ask for donations then funnel the money into an account...Its the old trick of smoke and mirrors for profit.