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What If?

What If?
46:28 | 2008

Categories: Documentary, History, Politics, Sports

WHAT IF? THE HELENE MAYER STORY chronicles the case of fencing champion Helene Mayer, who won a Gold medal at the 1928 Olympics. She was an ideal candidate for the German team in '36, but with one issue; she was half-Jewish. Allowances were made that eventually permitted the athlete to represent her country, but there is a question, whose answer can only be hypothetical - had Mayer refused, would the Olympics have occurred, or would her refutation of participating for the Nazis have been a major humiliation on the international stage?

Another question extends to Mayer's motivations for agreeing to participate: was it to protect her family's safety, or something else?


Reviews: A+ 2 Fans
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Alison Behnke
December 18, 2013
Al Jmc
October 19, 2012
English Subtitles? I can t speak german, thanks.
Sandi Hughes
July 31, 2012
This film brought tears to my eyes at it's conclusion. What a tragic story of one's obvious struggle between personal identity, ethical standards, and allegiance to her country of birth. Her premature death indicates to me that she possibly never resolved the conflicts within her soul about who she was and what mattered most in her life. Apparently, she had no conscious awareness of the power she wielded with the talent she possessed. Her seemingly introspective needs too precedence over her logic about the meaning of her decision to participate in the 1936 Olympics, despite her initial repulsion for Hitler's regime. The "what ifs" in this case will remain speculative. And yet, allowing the lessons of such speculation to influence our own decisions could easily change the course of the world for future generations to come. This is an excellent film worth viewing and discussing further.
Sherra Franklin
July 30, 2012
The last 2 Snag Films I have tried to watch haven't happened-the screen says watch now.
Sherra Franklin
July 30, 2012
and then it just shows a blank screen-What's U P?