What's a Human Anyway? (Insan Nedir Ki?)

124 MINS2004TVPG
Reha Erdem
K�ksal Eng�rAli D�senkalkar
In this eye-opening comedy, an urban apartment complex where neighbors, friends and family are living in close quarters serves as a microcosm of manhood in Turkish society. Ali, who suffers from temporary amnesia, is the main focus for the narrative twists in the circus-like environment of the building. Among the tenants, there is also a little boy who refuses to be circumcised; a young man who refuses to do his military service; and a thirty-year-old man refusing to leave home. Using brisk editing and complex characters, Istanbul-born director Reha Erdem (Times and Winds) brings a slyly amusing style to the film, while also making serious points about patriarchal society. WHAT'S A HUMAN ANYWAY? (ISAN NEDIR KI?) is presented in Turkish with English subtitles. This film is an official selection of the prestigious, award-winning Global Lens Collection, presented by the Global Film Initiative.
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