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Yours Truly, Miss Chinatown

Yours Truly, Miss Chinatown
57:00 | 2008

Categories: Documentary, Arts and Culture

YOURS TRULY, MISS CHINATOWN uncovers the intimate stories of three young women who vie for the title Miss Los Angeles Chinatown, while struggling to navigate two cultures with conflicting values. The crown is a link to the past, while their lives are a sign of the times. As the spectacle unfolds onstage, so does the drama of their lives - there are no beauty pageant answers to real life struggles with love, family, culture, and life as a modern woman.


Reviews: A+ 3 Fans
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Andrew Mer
December 2, 2013
Eugene Hung
September 12, 2013
Three great stories, each with a lot of depth!
Daisy Lin
July 29, 2013
July 21, 2013
Chuan Tsay
March 21, 2013
I'm getting an error that says "Sorry, we have not been given the rights to stream this film in your area." Is there a way to enable this for NC? :)
Daisy Lin
March 22, 2013
Hi Chuan, the film should stream anywhere in the U.S. Where are you located?
Steven Vanpotter
December 18, 2012
doesn't she know alcoholism may run in the family,, that would be a concern for such a nice girl,,,.
Mason Write
November 24, 2012
great movie!
Frank Ariagno
November 17, 2012
Hi Daisy Lin, I just finished watching your film. I was impressed with the work you did. It's a peculiar coincidence that I was involved (I handled the accounting) with another documentary about a beauty contest. The one I worked with was called Trantasia and it was filmed in Las Vegas, then in 5 other cities where the director did follow-up stories on 5 of the contestants. The "hook" for our documentary was the contestants were either transexuals or transgenders. An interesting group of people. I like that your film showed several sides to story. The beauty contest activities are really a small part of the story and you did a great job getting into the personal lives of the contestants. I'm curious to know what your opinion is about the cultural bias that some of the parents showed? I know that the term racism has very bad connotations, but I'm also aware enough to know that a certain degree of racism is present in most everyone. And by that I mean that whatever ethnicity we are we are inclined to support and favor it over all others. I think this is a natural response. It's only disgusting when it's carried too far. Where that line is though is probably something every person has to determine for themselves. Are you still in touch with any of the contestants? I was wondering if the mixed couple, that had the baby boy, had seen any improved relationship with her father and her baby and husband? Very well done. Frank
Stephen Liu
November 16, 2012
Way to go Daisy!~.