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Challenged to the Limit

Extreme sports and the world of adventure racing are explored as teams race day and night with little sleep, testing every outdoor skill they possess to compete in the toughest and wildest sport on earth.
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Ireland's first annual Adrenaline Rush Tour adventure race is a five day long competition that combines a multitude of endurance disciplines and a course that spans mountains, white water rapids, and the temperamental climate of Ireland. Along with surviving the elements racers will put their fitness, stamina, and team communication skills to the test as they race to the finish of this exhilaratin...

Episode length: 24:31 | 2005


January 5, 2017
Great movie! I finally watched it online in HQ. I figured some of you guys would want to watch it too! ;) Here is the site where I watched it: FULLMOVIE24K.COM Thumbs up if it worked for you New Movies => FULLMOVIE24K.COM