52 MINS2001TVG
Jon Griggs

In the 25 year history of the World Championships of Formation Skydiving no team has ever won gold in two of the most prestigious and dynamic events, the 4-way and 8-way. Over the course of one glorious year, the US national team dared to do such a thing, risking all to accomplish what was widely considered in the skydiving world to be impossible.

From the blistering heat of endless training jumps in Arizona, to dodging hurricanes at the US nationals in Florida, to the unpredictability of the final showdown at the world championships in Australia, the filmmakers travelled behind the scenes with the members of the team, offering a glimpse into a world little know by those who have never leapt from a plane.

Airspeed is a seldom-seen look into the world of professional  extreme-athletes, driven characters who overcome enormous odds and risk all for little money and scant recognition. But if you ever wondered what it feels like to truly fly, 'Airspeed' will transport you up to the sky and into the realm of some of the greatest  body-pilots on the planet.

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