The Angola 3: Black Panthers And The Last Slave Plantation

109 MINS2008TVPG
Jimmy O'Halligan
Yuri KochiyamaDavid HilliardGeronimo (ji Jaga) PrattMumia Abu-JamalBo BrownMalik Rahim
THE ANGOLA 3: BLACK PANTHERS AND THE LAST SLAVE PLANTATION tells the gripping story of Robert King Wilkerson, Herman Wallace and Albert Woodfox, men who have endured solitary confinement longer then any known living prisoner in the United States. Politicized through contact with the Black Panther Party while inside Louisiana's prisons, they formed one of the only prison Panther chapters in history and worked to organize other prisoners into a movement for the right to live like human beings. This documentary explores their extraordinary struggle for justice while incarcerated in Angola, a former slave plantation where institutionalized rape and murder made it known as one of the most brutal and racist prisons in the United States.
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