Angel and the Badman

99 MINS1947TVG
James Edward Grant
John WayneBruce CabotGail RussellHarry Carey
In this unconventional 1947 Western, Hollywood icon John Wayne (who also produced the film) stars as Quirt Evans, a wounded outlaw who is taken in by Quaker farmer Thomas Worth after a gunfight. As Quirt is nursed back to health by Worth's daughter Penelope (Gail Russell, Seven Men from Now), she brings on a transformation in this hard-boiled character for the better. The notorious gunslinger begins to slowly fall in love with this gentle young woman, even as he remains obsessed with avenging the murder of his foster father. Written and directed by Wayne's frequent collaborator James Edward Grant (The Alamo) and also starring Harry Carey (Red River) and Bruce Cabot (King Kong), ANGEL AND THE BADMAN is richly entertaining for fans of both the Duke and the Western genre itself.
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