Battle: New York, Day 2

93 MINS2007TV14
Ralph Boswell
Christopher FrederickNat CassidyDanielle QuisenberryMaduka SteadyKathleen Kwan
Laura Sommers has been hearing voices in her head and consults with a psychiatrist. But her therapy is suddenly cut short when New York City is rocked by an alien invasion. After she is knocked unconscious, Laura awakens to find a virtually abandoned city and runs into a strange drifter named Neil. He ramblingly tries to explain the danger they're in, then ushers her to the safety of a darkened warehouse. There, a tattered band of survivors struggles to stay undetected, trying to understand the aliens' battle plan?that they have enslaved most of the population with mind control and transformed them into zombies. The only people with their humanity still intact are those with brain chemistry imbalance, and who do not respond to the aliens' nanotechnology operation?in other words, mental patients. Laura must fight off these relentless creatures to reach Alpha, the controller, to make the city safe for survivors. But the voices in her head are growing stronger....
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