27 MINS2011NR
Debra Sugerman
ShirHaneen Amit
BROKEN is a sequel to the 2006 documentary film DEAR MR. PRESIDENT which tells the story of five Israeli and Palestinian teenage girls on a road-trip across the USA. This amazing group of girls lost one of its most moving characters, named Bessan Abuelaish when an Israeli tank shelled her family home in the north of Gaza on January 16, 2009, killing Bessan and other family members. Catapulted by the shocking death of her friend Bessan, the director, Debra Sugerman journeyed in January 2009 to reunite with the four remaining girls from the first film, in Israel and Palestine and began filming BROKEN. Sugerman felt compelled to look at Gaza's recent tragedies in relation to why the Israeli army entered the enclosed and most populated area in the world with such massive firepower during Operation Cast Lead. Looking at Gaza lead to looking at the small town of Sderot that lies three kilometers from Gaza, that which receives a high amount of rocket-fire from militants in Gaza and that which Israel claims to be the main reason for having entered Gaza during December and January (2008-2009).