Buffalo Boy

95 MINS2005DramaTVPG
Minh Nguyen-Vo
Nguyen Thi Kieu TrinhLe The Lu
Set in the lowlands of southern Vietnam, this powerful coming-of-age tale is a richly textured and stunningly photographed vision of a culture whose daily life is determined by water. The flooded landscape serves to tell the story of the relationship between a father and son, the cycles of life and the inescapable flow of all things. When young Kim joins a group of nomadic buffalo herders, he is exposed to a complex and brutal way of life. He ultimately must find his own way in this male world of endurance, betrayal, friendship and independence. Director Minh Nguyen-Vo infuses this mythic tale with indelible images of majestic buffalos charging through a flood and a solitary rower gliding across the water?each representing opposite phases of a spiritual and moving journey. BUFFALO BOY (MUA LEN TRAU) is presented in Vietnamese with English subtitles. This film is an official selection of the prestigious, award-winning Global Lens Collection presented by the Global Film Initiative.
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