Colin Hearts Kay



Sebastian Conley
Mellini KantayyaKyle WaltersNitin MadanEmily ChangNoah StarrAbraham De Funes
In this hilarious and innovative romantic comedy, Brooklyn-based cartoonist Colin has just broken up with his longtime girlfriend Kay. To uncover what went wrong over the course of their three-year relationship, Colin takes a circuitous journey into his memories?through the fantastical world of his own drawings. The road to reunion is complicated by a handsome hedge fund manager (who Colin ultimately battles, gladiator style, against the backdrop of a hand-drawn Roman coliseum) and Kay's struggles with her parents' more traditional notions about love. Is it all duty and sacrifice, as they say? Or is it cartoony fireworks, as Colin would have it? Ultimately it?s up to Colin to erase the mistakes of his past, and draw upon lessons learned to win back the heart of his true love.
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