Depeche Mode: The Dark Progression

Thomas DolbyGary NumanVince ClarkDave GahanAndy FletcherAlan WilderMartin Gore
Featuring rare performances, archival footage, music video clips, and much more, this 2003 documentary traces the surreal history and development of British electronic band Depeche Mode. DEPECHE MODE: THE DARK PROGRESSION begins with their flirtations with New Romanticism at the dawn of their career; moves through the urban industrial landscapes envisaged on their albums Construction Time Again (1983) and Some Great Reward (1984); explores the dark hollow of albums such as Black Celebration (1986), Music for the Masses (1987), and Violator (1989); and concludes with the departure of keyboardist Alan Wilder in 1995. The film also features interviews with band members; contributions from friends and contemporaries such as Gary Numan, Thomas Dolby, OMD's Andy McCluskey and band biographer Jonathan Miller; and commentary from electronic music experts Mark Pendergast and David Stubbs, and producers Gareth Jones, Phil Legg, Steve Lyon and Dave Bascombe.
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