Eat Me!

90 MINS2010R
Katie Carman
Jason D'AmicoLenny BroytmanMichael Whitney HydeDavid HorowitzChris HillAbraham KooglerRobert GrossmanSusan CarmanClaudia GenaoAndres MonroyChesley CallowayElizabeth LeeErin KelechavaAnastasia MorsucciJeremy FernandezAlexander AriasKyle TuckLinwood FittsJohn MoonsammyEdward X. YoungLang YipJohn McCormackIvy HongChad Michael WyckoffCarmen V�lezSusan BurnsHeather SilvioHoracio F. LazoYoung W. LeeAdam MorrisJun Naito
As garage band General Malacarne rehearses their latest set in the basement, a mysterious blackout strikes Brooklyn. The band decides to wait it out with a few joints, hazily oblivious that everyone above ground has turned into flesh-eating zombies. Soon enough, but a little too late, the band develops a half-baked plan to escape the zombies by seeking refuge at an Aunt's bay house on Long Island. Armed with ridiculously makeshift weapons, the friends make their escape in a junker car, which promptly runs out of gas. With danger on all sides, they take to the streets, relying on little more than their smoke-fogged brains and a few stolen bicycles to make it to Long Island. After a few splattery encounters with zombies looking for lunch, the band mates make it to a safe house, which doesn't stay safe for long. Just as their luck begins to dwindle, they find the boat they need to reach the bay house. Unfortunately, the boat is on dry land, and nowhere near the water. Fighting for their lives against the zombies while trying to drag their boat to the water's edge, calamity strikes, and EAT ME! finds the bandmates quickly discovering true meaning of friendship.
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