101 MINS2012TVPG
Jeremy WagnerScott D. Roberts
Joshua JacksonPeter Gallagher
Narrated by Peter Gallagher, this documentary brings the history of oil prices and future of alternative fuels into focus in this documentary. Concerned with American dependence on foreign oil and curious as to how America could go from the largest exporter of oil to the largest importer, filmmakers Jeremy Wagener and Scott Roberts seek out the opinions of such experts as U.S. Department of Energy officials, alternative fuel producers, alternative fuel consumers, economic professors, and congressional leaders from both the Democratic and Republican parties. In addition to asking some truly challenging questions, GASHOLE also examines a variety of potential solutions to America's oil dependence. Could it be that greedy oil companies have buried existing technology designed to dramatically improve gas mileage, and why is the typical American consumer so reluctant to embrace alternative energy forms? For anyone who fills up their tank and scoffs at the rolling numbers on the gas pump display, this film may just have the answers to your most pressing questions.