In the Shadow of the Condor

47 MINS2002NR
Rick KleinDoug TomkinsLuis BenitezPablo SandorMichael PowersMichael BrownChris Morris
Winner of the 2002 "Teddy Award" for the nation's best conservation film, "In the Shadow of the Condor" is a stunning journey into the spectacular, pristine Corcovado wilderness in Southern Chile. The expedition travels up a "heart of darkness" river, climbs through a treacherous vertical jungle, and then emerges out into a magnificent "Yosemite" canyon of towering granite walls. Filmmaker Michael Brown and Chilean conservationist Pablo Sandor climb to find a jewel of a lake tucked between the highest peaks.

Sandor and his Ayacara Foundation are working to protect the Corcovado region from development. The United Nations awarded Ayacara a prestigious conservation grant. Ayacara leaders gave important credit to this film, which dramatized first-hand why the region is a magnificent international treasure.

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