Kinda Sutra

3 MINS2008NR
Jessica Yu
A CINELAN Three Minute Story. Where exactly do babies come from? And how are they really made?

Mixing humorous animation and interviews, Jessica Yu poses these questions to a variety of adults and youngsters who explore their earliest understanding of sex, conception and how the two, uh, intersect.

With humor, affection and nostalgia for youth's lost naivete, Yu's subjects recall some of their earliest experiences with - and misconceptions of - sex and babies and all things thereof. The stork, of course, makes an appearance, as do other less conventional elements, including floating airborne seeds, a tree, pollywogs and an unexpected bathroom fixture. This very personal, Indian-themed riff on the Kama Sutra provides a glimpse into how we think about sex and what we learn along the way.

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