Love Beat the Hell Outta Me

89 MINS2002TV14
Kennedy Goldsby
Charles R. PenlandClyde JonesTerrence HowardGlenn Plummer
Oscar Nominee Terrence Howard (Empire) and Glenn Plummer (Sons of Anarchy) star in this explosive drama of friendship, loyalty and love. Glenn (Plummer) is feeling down and out after a recent split with his girlfriend. Three of his buddies, including Chris (Howard) stop by Glenn's place for an evening of dominoes, drinks, trash talk and general support. As the evening wears on, they all discuss their own trials and tribulations with women and relationships. But then Chris lets it slip that he?s been seeing Glenn?s ex, and reveals something even more startling: that he began the affair while she was still dating his friend. In the wake of this shocking revelation, how will this Guys Night Out end?