The Cult Of The Suicide Bomber 2

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Robert Baer
Robert Baer
On 18 April 1983 a truck drove into the entrance of the US embassy in downtown Beirut killing 63 people, including six CIA officers. Never before had the CIA lost so many officers in a single attack. In the weeks and months after the bombing top investigators from the CIA and FBI failed to solve the mystery of who was responsible. For Robert Baer, the CIA s top operative in the Middle East, it became a lifelong obsession. His investigation and the answers he found became the Emmy-nominated film, The Cult of the Suicide Bomber. In the first film Baer uncovered the history and evolution of suicide bombing as a weapon of radical Islam. With this vital new installment he discovers how the phenomenon has spread to the West and changed the role of women in the Middle East, and crucially conveys how this threat can be defeated. With shocking footage of actual suicide bombings and interviews with failed suicide bombers, this film is the most definitive documentary on suicide bombers ever produced.
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